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Math Vocabulary becomes Art Playing with Wordle (1)

Math Vocabulary becomes Art: Playing with Wordle

So, I’m sitting in the conference room with two fellow instructional coaches, and I just showed them Wordle. And all three of us are intrigued with how we can use this Internet based classroom tool. Wordle is a tool for displaying words as a graphic image. The size of the words is a relative indicator of their frequency of use. In Wordle: Seeing Science Images as Art, Dr. Rillero, I was immediatel... Read More »

Seeing and Working with Triangles in a New Way

Seeing and Working with Triangles in a New Way

Sometimes you just need a new way to “see” the math. On Monday, I observed what was to be an 8th grade math lesson on solving for angles of triangles. I watched Mr. K’s 50-minute class period go by with homework being corrected and recorded, a few problems from the homework reviewed, and a start at classifying triangles. In the middle of explaining the relevant terms (scalene, isosceles, acute, ob... Read More »

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