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Circle Graphs: A meaningful lesson enhanced with technology

Circle Graphs: A meaningful lesson enhanced with technology

Last week, I had the pleasure of observing an 8th grade classroom. The planned activity was the next part of an ongoing study of data collection and representation. On this particular day of the lesson, the students were given the task of conducting a survey in order to collect and display data in a circle graph. Students were provided with a handout and were asked to do the following: • Write a q... Read More »

Chemistry lesson Net Ionic Equations

Chemistry lesson: Net Ionic Equations

It is important to be able to write net ionic equations in order to know which entities are directly involved in a chemical reaction. Those entities that are not involved in the reaction are referred to as spectator ions and are removed from the equation. The remaining chemical entities are those that undergo a chemical change. This tutorial illustrates how a net ionic equation is derived from a b... Read More »